A beautiful morning run (Part 2?)

Following the morning run (and a full day of work), I challenged myself by ending the day with another workout. This time I started off with 20+ minutes of core followed by half an hour on the bike. I have to admit; it’s not easy to incorporate two proper workout sessions in a single day but I do hope I can make this my new normal.

A beautiful morning run

I don’t normally run in the mornings. Actually, historically, it hasn’t been something I have enjoyed very much. If “my conditions” weren’t ideal—proper sleep, minimal stiffness, errands, etc.—I wouldn’t entertain the idea. Now that I’m training for something and not simply exercising, I feel a stronger sense of motivation to push myself. Continue reading “A beautiful morning run”

More boxing conditioning

UFC Farmingdale

Conditioning is key to success in the ring. Yes, technique and muscle memory are vital, but stamina in particular gets you from the start of the fight through to the end. My good friend Laurette Holst is my coach for this portion of my training and we’re working out of her UFC gym in Farmingdale. Having participated in the Fight For Charity back in 2015, she is able to add a certain perspective to my training that few can. Following an enjoyable extended weekend away, today it’s back to the grind. Flipping truck tires; jumping rope; doing “pad work” with the boxing gloves and mitts; plus much more.

Mohegan Sun hotel room workout

Hotel Room Workout

Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to make it down to the hotel gym. Case in point: we had some early morning (well, early for a vacation) educational seminars to attend on the topic of collector automobiles and this didn’t leave much time to get down to the gym. Given where the gym is located, elevator guest congestion and whatnot, it was most efficient to stay in the room and put together a workout that was quick and efficient. Continue reading “Mohegan Sun hotel room workout”

Long Island Fight for Charity Boxer Announcement 2017

It’s official—I’m in! As of this evening, the roster of charity boxers has been announced.

It was a beautiful event held at the The Mansion at Oyster Bay (formerly The Woodlands) with an impressive attendance. Our evening started off with the sizing of our boxing trunks, tanks and more. That was then followed by a photo- and video-shoot from our PR agency, Corbett Public Relations, Inc. Continue reading “Long Island Fight for Charity Boxer Announcement 2017”

First Half Marathon in the books!

Long Island Half Marathon

I am feeling super accomplished having completed the Long Island Half Marathon! I have now earned my “13.1” and feel great. To be honest, I wasn’t really planning on taking on this challenge right now but, the opportunity just kind of fell into my lap. Having skipped specific training for this, my weekly runs with the Life Time Run Club are to credit here. Running with folks of varying fitness levels and accomplishments, including marathon runners and Iron Man Triathletes, gave me the support and encouragement to take my running to the next level. Continue reading “First Half Marathon in the books!”