Evidently, the phlebotomist got the boxing memo

What you see in this photo is the post-blood draw wrap from my annual oncologist check-up. If you think it looks a lot like a boxer’s hand wrap, well, so do I. After 15 years of needles, I find it curious that the first time I’m given this bandage—instead of the ubiquitous cotton ball and tape—it happens to be a just few months before my Fight For Charity boxing event. And, no, they weren’t aware I was boxing. Continue reading “Evidently, the phlebotomist got the boxing memo”

The welcomed influence of the IRONMAN mindset

Last night was my weekly Run Club. Every Thursday we gather to run a 5K (3.1 miles) or 4 mile distance, depending on the group. Last night the turnout was light with just three of us showing, but the two others came fresh off participating in the Lake Placid IRONMAN event this past Sunday. Running is crucial to boxing training but witnessing the willpower of these two running [nearly] immediately after completing that huge event was the big takeaway. Continue reading “The welcomed influence of the IRONMAN mindset”

It looks like I made the newsletter

The Long Island Fight for Charity organization is making a strong effort to promote the upcoming event as well as the boxers. Their periodic newsletter features a few of the boxers in each edition and, this time, I made it into the queue! I think it’s great that this newsletter helps introduce all of the boxers to the supporting audience—adding a personal connection to the event. Continue reading “It looks like I made the newsletter”

Eating for a rest day

All veggie dinner

Today was my rest day. No exercise, no training… just a day to allow my body to heal. Many would say these days are more valuable than the days you’re in the gym (as long as you did actually spend time in the gym <grin>). Aside from letting your natural healing process occur, this is the time your muscles can rebuild (grow). Continue reading “Eating for a rest day”