Boxer match ups announced

Last night was our official boxer match up. This was a fun event held at SIMPLAY in Hauppauge, NY—an entertainment facility with game simulators (golf, hockey, etc.), a banquet area, bars and more. The atmosphere was light and lively with many in attendance. As you would imagine, most attending were doing so to support their specific boxer but the camaraderie was quite broad and the appreciation of the boxers and Long Island Fight for Charity foundation was evident.

Up until now we have been training hard and doing what we can to fundraise but we haven’t been aware of who we would actually battle in the ring come fight night. This event is when we found out.

It’s not an easy task to match boxers up. Aside from the age and weight criteria outlined by USA Boxing, there is also the subjective assessment of skill to determine which pair would make for a good, competitive show.

Long Island Fight for Charity, specifically Joanne Hutchins, has been keeping an eye on our sparring to help the match up process come together smoothly.

So, as recently announced, my opponent will be fellow charity boxer Lance “The Divorcer” Simon. Lance Simon is the founder and principal of Simon Law Group PLLC located in Commack, NY, a boutique litigation firm focusing on matrimonial and family law.

This is an exciting match up and one that’s sure to make for a great show! Be sure to get your tickets to witness our fight firsthand as well as all of the other bouts on Monday, November 20, 2017. Please, be sure to select Eliud “The Vortex” Custodio as the boxer you’re supporting when you make your purchase.

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