LIVE on the News 12 Long Island morning news

This morning was a special treat—I, along with my fellow Fight For Charity boxers, was featured LIVE on the News 12 Long Island broadcast. The television crew came down to the Westbury Boxing Club, one of the event’s supporting gyms, and filmed with us from around 5am to 9am.

My specific segment aired around 7:30am EST and it was great to receive realtime feedback from my Facebook friends—informing me they were watching me in their homes! Continue reading “LIVE on the News 12 Long Island morning news”

Boxer match ups announced

Last night was our official boxer match up. This was a fun event held at SIMPLAY in Hauppauge, NY—an entertainment facility with game simulators (golf, hockey, etc.), a banquet area, bars and more. The atmosphere was light and lively with many in attendance. As you would imagine, most attending were doing so to support their specific boxer but the camaraderie was quite broad and the appreciation of the boxers and Long Island Fight for Charity foundation was evident.

Up until now we have been training hard and doing what we can to fundraise but we haven’t been aware of who we would actually battle in the ring come fight night. This event is when we found out. Continue reading “Boxer match ups announced”

Officially registered as a USA Boxing member

This is exciting! One of the [many] deciding factors to box in the Long Island Fight For Charity was that the fight itself would be an official USA Boxing-sanctioned event. This means that not only does the bout itself follow the bylaws of USA Boxing Metro but we, each participating boxer, get registered as USA Boxing amateur boxers—making this as real as it gets. Continue reading “Officially registered as a USA Boxing member”

FREE—charitably enlightening

This afternoon I, along with some of the boxers from the upcoming Long Island Fight For Charity event, made a visit to one of the three benefiting charities, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE). FREE supports individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injury. An administrator gave us a tour of the facility and we had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the special individuals who benefit from this organization’s efforts. Continue reading “FREE—charitably enlightening”

What I learned from Floyd Mayweather

Whether you like Floyd Mayweather [as a person] or not, it’s hard to deny that he’s an accomplished boxer. With the recently earned record of 50-0, Mayweather finds himself in rarefied air among boxing’s elite. Like many, I watched and enjoyed this past weekend’s bout against UFC champ Conor McGregor. Given my involvement in the upcoming Long Island Fight for Charity boxing event, watching this historic match-up quickly became less about entertainment for me and more about a day in class. Here’s some of what I learned… Continue reading “What I learned from Floyd Mayweather”